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Imagine winning $100 instant cash just for reading your email!  That is exactly what is all about!  Why waste your time clicking email links to get paid a few cents for doing so?  We believe that as a consumer, you are worth more than that!  Each day will select one lucky member to receive a chance at claiming $100 in instant cash!  Winning is as simple as checking your email daily for offers from, then clicking the offer link inside the email.  Any prize that remains unclaimed for 48 hours will go into the end of the month jackpot.  Keep in mind everytime you visit a new advertiser, you will receive 1 entry into the end of the month jackpot drawing. 

How Do I Get Paid? offers many ways to pay our customers.  We currently offer PayPal, Alert Pay and eGold.  Additionally through the services offered at we can have a check delivered right to your door in your native currency.  No matter where you live, you can win real money each and everyday.   Since there are no checks to sign pr trips to the bank or post office, we can send out payments fairly fast.  We send out payments daily and depending on your payment method, you can have cash in your hands in as little as 5 minutes! 

United States Residents must provide 10-99 documents "IF" winnings exceed $500, before payment will be released.  All winners are responsible for taxes in their area.